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I took a second shot and it took me months to notice it, but there is what looks like a little boy's head peeking out of the bushes at upper right! Could this be one of the Hairy People's children? Shot is below :
To draw your attention to the figure of the head, I have done the following things :

1. I have circled the figure and kept the rest of the shot in negative;

2. I have cropped the photo in a vertical rectangle;

3. I have cropped the photo in a horizontal rectangle, put it in negative (the white figure's defined outline indicating that it is a solid object), and brought up the colour levels to further analyze the photo.

Please click on the photos to see them at full size.
To reference another story which occurred in this forest, a curious thing happened : but first I must mention what I was doing the night before. While sitting on the porch, to amuse myself I played a drum solo on my knees while stamping my feet to represent the bass drums. I have been playing drums for 34 years. Across the road there was a disused mobile sign and two trees. I believe a juvenile Hairy Person, and others, often hid behind them, watching me.

The next day, once I had entered the forest, I immediately heard a rhythmic striking of two sticks together, from several hundred feet away. So the sound was a bit faint, but in definite, fascinating polyrhythms! Instantly I realized what had happened : the juvenile had witnessed my "drum solo" the previous night and decided to musically communicate with me! I looked for a pair of sticks and, though branches lay underneath the grass, woven into intricate patterns (which I had the feeling were better left undisturbed), I could not for the life of me find a pair of suitable sticks - in a forest! Granted, I was making haste as I was not about to let this opportunity pass me by! So I picked up a pair of rocks and began clacking away in the funkiest of rhythms I could muster.  The jam went on for about half an hour!

Over a twelve day period me and Taya'a (from Janice Carter's Sasquatch glossary, means "friend" - sorry no reference) exchanged rhythms and had a grand old time! (And I did find some sticks the next day, haha!). The entire story of "Jammin" will have to be told another time. The question is, was the figure in the "Little Watcher" photo Taya'a? Yes it was. How do I know this? Please refer to the blog titled, "What Is Quantum Communication?" if you have a hard time believing telepathy is scientifically possible. 

I was psychically contacted by Taya'a's father (whose nickname is "Odin") before my visit to the Ozarks was over. He has confirmed that Taya'a is the figure in the photo. It was thanks to his and his wife's authority that T got to play music with Taya'a! Taya'a was always fascinated and enthusiastic about this strange Human (a Canadian in the Ozarks!) and constantly followed me around and observed me, unbeknownst to me much of the time. That's what he can be seen doing in the "Little Watcher" photo.

- Graham MacSkimming (a.k.a. Vile Ent)
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In Geordie Telfer's Mysterious Ontario there is a chapter entitled "The Pembroke Wildman." Today, Pembroke is a small city of 16,200 located along the Ottawa River in Ontario, Canada. In 1883, when the above news article was published in Ohio's (!)  Newark Daily Advocate, Pembroke had just laid the foundation for the city it was to become. Originally called Miramichi, it was instituted as a police village in 1856. Pembroke was incorporated as a town in 1878 and as a city in 1971. (Wikipedia)

On a small island in the Ottawa River that was called Prettis or Prettys Island, a location now lost to time, an enraged Wildman was said to live, eight feet tall and covered with hair.
Not taking kindly to the Wildman's unfriendly reputation, two local men, a Toughey and a Sallman, rafted to the island armed with shotguns and were confronted by the giant. "Uttering demoniacal yells and gesticulating wildly," the Hairy Man instantly gave chase!

Armed with a "tomahawk" in one hand, and a "bludgeon" in the other, the Wildman  chased the men back to their boat. They were but a "short distance" from shore when the tomahawk was thrown with such speed and accuracy that it fractured Toughey's arm! Sallman fired two shots, which proved futile as the giant retreated swiftly into the trees.

On August 3rd, 1883 (two days after the Newark Daily Advocate's story), the Renfrew Mercury then published an article recounting the tale a local family who had slept there for the night. As his campfire died out, the family man "noticed a massive figure" about 8 feet tall at the edge of the firelight. "His hair was long and shaggy, and hung about his face. He had a vest but no sleeves to his coat, knickerbocker pants, with hairy legs and arms." After speaking to the individual and receiving no reply, the camper threw a rock in the Wildman's direction, causing him to retreat.

It is not known which of these events occurred first. Apart from the description of the clothes, the Wildman's description matches that of a unique type of Sasquatch people that I understand call themselves the
E-Takan-Tatanta. It is these people whom I encountered in the Ozark Mountains (see HOW IT ALL STARTED).
One Ozark state named the Wildman "Momo" (Missouri Monster), and has numerous accounts of a giant individual covered in hair with similar "long and shaggy hair hanging about the face," or covering the face.

The spiritual Sasquatch movement, a growing social phenomenon, has recently shown a fascination with Medieval depictions of the Wildman archetype: often seen brandishing one weapon in each arm, as the Pembroke Wildman was described.
Albrecht Dürer, 16thCentury
Taking a second look, you'll also notice that the painting is of a Wildman displaying his shield, of which the figure depicted represents a coat-of-arms or crest. This being so unlike the Sasquatch known today, who appear to have zero interest in weapons or technology of any kind, that one might wonder if these medieval depictions are indicating an entirely different phenomenon. They may, or in the case of the E-Takan-Tatatanta, there might be a connection.

Through my own interactions with the Hairy People, through Quantum Communication, and by piecing together historical events with both Celtic and European heritage, I came to believe that the E-Takan-Tatatanta did indeed fight for their lands in Europe, during The Dark Ages and into the Medieval period. My personal heritage is Scottish, and Scotland was once home to a mysterious people known as The Picts. There is evidence that suggests I may be a descendant of the Picts. The Picts may have been the cause of the disappearance of an entire Roman legion during the Dark Ages, and it was events like these that, in turn, may have prompted the building of Hadrian's Wall : a simple stone wall to warn future legions not to venture any farther into Scotland - land of the Picts!

The Picts were reputed to be a terrifying enemy, their powerful physiques painted head-to-toe in the fierce visage of some predatory beast! They were a forest people; they did battle in the forest, a field in which the Romans were ill-equipped.  Could such a people have allies in a people whose description is markedly similar to this one? That found its way into numerous paintings and illustrations of Medieval Europe? A people who indeed, were threatened themselves?

The Woodwose

Woodwose is such a fitting name for a race of beings both as dependent and as fascinated with trees and wood as the Hairy People! Whether Sasquatch, The E-Takan-Tatanta, or the Woodwose, the Hairy People love their wood and live by the trees! Let's take a look at the meaning of the name :

Wikipedia :
The first element of woodwose is usually explained as from wudu "wood", "forest". The second element is less clear. It has been identified as a hypothetical noun *wāsa "being", from the verb wesan, wosan "to be", "to be alive".[1] The Old English form is unattested, but it would have been *wudu-wāsa or *wude-wāsa.
Late 15th century tapestry from Basel, showing a woodwose being tamed by a virtuous lady
Terminology in the Middle Ages was more varied. In Middle English, there was the term woodwose (also spelled wodewose, woodehouse, wudwas etc.).[2][3] Wodwos[4] occurs in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (ca. 1390).[5] The Middle English word is first attested in the 1340s, in references to the "wild man" decorative artwork popular at the time, in a Latin description of an embroidery of the Great Wardrobe of Edward III,[6] but as a surname it is found as early as 1251, of one Robert de Wudewuse.
Wild Woman and Wild Men Dancing. 15th Century
The Albrecht Dürer painting earlier in this post was cropped to focus on the shield; below is the entire painting.
Albrecht Dürer, 1499
Brandishing "cudgels" or "bludgeons" as described in the Mysterious Ontario story, these Wood-Beings are also equipped with shields! What would such massive individuals need with weapons? Were they under a full-scale attack? Were artists of the Middle Ages at the right place and time to record some of this violent period of the Hairy People's history?
The Fight in the Forest, drawing by Hans Burgkmair
Martin Schongauer - Coat with a Dog, Held by a Woodwose with a Club. 1470-1490
Anonymous Artist, Wild Man, Omnium Fere Gentiumr, Jean Sluperji, Antwerp, 1572
If the Woodwose and the E-Takan-Tatanta decided to retreat from a Human onslaught, and indeed did regroup in North America, could it be possible that the Pembroke Wildman was one of these races of Hairy People? Brandishing two implements of war as depicted in these Medieval illustrations, he may have had a fear of Humans stemming from a war-like or oppressive period of time. The folklore surrounding the Woodwose indicates that Hairy People were hunted down as "abominations." Natural that the Pembroke Wildman was more than a little defensive! And with the potentially murderous expedition of Toughey and Sallman, he was proven justified in his concerns!

Who knows what became of the "Pembroke Wildman?" As mentioned, the location of his habitat Prettis Island has been lost to time. Was he alone, or did he have a family or tribe? Was he the group's lone warrior, or did Ontarians presume various Wildmen to be the same individual? Did he remain on the island, where he was clearly disturbed, or move to a new area?

Will Humans ever realize that they don't have the right to harass or murder people and creatures different from themselves? The story continues with homicidal "Sasquatch hunters," military harassment, abduction, and murder (another story altogether), and Human ignorance of even the existence of Hairy People. Is now the time to change and consider further possibilities on the planet and beyond? Or are we doing fine going on the way we have for thousands of years? ...It's up to us.

- Graham MacSkimming, 2016
Blessed Be the Woodwose
<![CDATA[The Demon Tree]]>Sat, 06 Feb 2016 20:13:09 GMThttp://vile-views.com/crypto-views-blog/the-demon-tree PictureThe orange square surrounds a face perceived by the witness, and the red rectangle a flow of blood from the face's mouth.

Near Perth, Ontario, Canada, is a tree the locals call "The Demon Tree." In a small forest resides a tree that appears to embody strange faces and is anomalous to its more "natural" surroundings. Dead and literally truncated at each branch, as soon as the "Demon Zone" is entered, one feels as though they are being watched. Strange compressed winds storm out of nowhere, bizarre whistles come from the trees, and...The spot resides near Perth's infamous "Last Duel Park" where the last duel to the death was fought in Canada in 1833. The challenger, John Wilson, was offended by remarks made by a Mr. Lyon, both in the legal profession . Wilson won the duel and shot Lyon to death.

Unfortunately for him perhaps, Wilson's love interest ultimately resented him for killing Lyon - although he had pulled off getting the lady to accept a proposal! "Miss Hughes" remained unhappy in marriage. What Wilson gained from the so-called victory is unclear. Given the close proximity of the Demon Tree to Last Duel Park, could there be a connection between the strangeness of the Demon Tree and the pain of this desperate trio of Perth brethren? Did the spirits of those involved in the Last Duel pass on, or did they remain here on Earth (or Perth)? Below is an odd account of a figure seen in the same vicinity. The impression of the witness left him concluding that the individual he saw may be a being from the other side.

The Man In White

In two different forest locations not far from the Demon Tree, a man wearing a white business suit and red tie has been sighted, his sleeves rolled up and seemingly working on some wearisome task. A feeling of distress and despair surrounds the gentleman and permeates the atmosphere with its dour servitude. His clothes are not impressive but shabby, worn out, like this senior gentleman himself. If one is to look away for but a second, one will not see him again. The Man In White disappears. This piece documents two unique witnesses and locations regarding the Man In White. One sighting was near Conlon Farm Park, a wooded area behind a park. The other was at a place aptly named "Devil's Rock."

Near-Inaccessible Area With A Government Warning Sign?

But wait, the story gets stranger.  It must be said that the area in question is almost inaccessible but in the wintertime, when (thin) ice covers an inhospitable marsh which  blocks one's path to the Demon Tree. The trek is a harsh one, even in winter; the ice must be tested with a pick before stepping upon it. It is almost a foregone conclusion that no one could be found there. So what is The Man In White doing there, an older man to boot, or in the other forested locations he has been seen? 

Considering next to no one would venture to the realm of The Demon Tree, then WHY is there in fact a government sign​ posted warning trespassers to "go no further???" Could the bizarre phenomena at this site be due to what Quantum Physics has described as an "interdimensional portal?" (A gateway between dimensions through which paranormal researchers say strange beings can pass). Such as...

A "Cloaked" Sasquatch?

One local approached the Demon Tree and after feeling that he was being watched, perceived a bizarre whistling from the trees, and then a "compressed wind" that hit him like a blow. "The wind seemed to come out of nowhere, and threw all its force at me. I had already felt like I was being watched, and was whistled at by something in the trees, so I decided to get out of there." The man took a photo that intrigued me because of a black figure in its centre, just within the trees. The figure could have been anomalous to its surrounding objects, which could make it of interest. I also needed to determine whether it was a solid object or not, so I put it in negative. The black figure of course turned white once put in negative, but had no defined outline, so not a solid object. It was, however, different from all other figures in the photograph. For this reason, the shape of the figure (which matches a classic Sasquatch figure), and the context, I believe this to be a "cloaked" Sasquatch. What does "cloaked" mean? It is when a being, as Sasquatch have been known to do, conceals itself wholly or partially through means of an alpha state meditation and strategic routing & timing. Fully manifesting an electro-magnetic/Quantum form, the being can sometimes be seen as a transparent, holograph-like form, and cameras can pick up their ethereal, blurry outlines (see the photo caption in "Mysteries Of The Hairy People + Why Sasquatch Photos Are Blurry"). The term I have developed to describe the phenomenon is "Quantum Mobility."

I believe this photo contains a cloaked Sasquatch. Why?
  • The figure appears bipedal
  • The size of the figure suggests similar height and width as a Sasquatch as stated by the witness
  • The head (higher up than it may first appear, look for two reddish eyes) has a saggital crest shape
  • It is standing just behind the treeline, a favoured Sasquatch strategy to observe their surroundings, and the witness described the sensation of being watched
  • Long arms are clearly seen
  • Sasquatch have been known to be able to create strange weather bodies (the "compressed wind")
  • Sasquatch have been known to vocalize by whistling, and the witness heard this coming from the trees - where the figure in the photo was found
  • The figure in the photo is not a solid object, but anomalous to it surroundings
  • Electro-magnetic impressions of possibly multiple beings' faces can be seen in the blown-up copies of the photo
  • Witnesses reported the feeling of being watched, and that they must leave the area, a common experience in many Sasquatch sightings
  • The famous Sasquatch "X" (see "How It All Started" - Four Directions) was present (see photo below). There is no doubt that it was artificially created, as it was bound together with vines!

I believe the area is likely the location of an interdimensional portal, given the paranormal attributes noted above. The possible Sasquatch could be a guardian watching the portal. Upon perceiving the locals, the Sasquatch would have observed them keenly, as the figure appears to be doing in the photo. At one point one of the witnesses believed he perceived a strange thought in his mind that said, "These humans understand...They are unusual." I believe the Sasquatch acted in the witnesses' best interests by discouraging them from lingering in the area. A guardian observes and protects, but cannot necessarily control the comings and goings of a portal. He is there to protect and guide.


-Vile Ent


<![CDATA[Mysteries Of the Hairy People + Why Sasquatch Photos Are Blurry]]>Thu, 04 Feb 2016 11:35:25 GMThttp://vile-views.com/crypto-views-blog/mysteries-of-the-hairy-people
WHY SASQUATCH PHOTOS ARE BLURRY Ancient Ones shaman Kathelyn-Ta zaps in...Why is the Sasquatch photo blurry? Because they emanate electro-magnetic energy and use it for expanding their consciousnesses and teleporting their bodies from point A to B. As Kathelyn-Ta teleports, an electro-magnetic outline of his physical form is perceived by the camera. Though it may not look like there is anything specific present, there is, and guess what, it's making your Sasquatch photos blurry! The Ancient One's form is in a Quantum state, allowing him to teleport - something I call "Quantum Mobility." Blessed Be

There are multiple types of Sasquatch, one the name is given to and another familiar  family is the Ancient Ones. My Ancient Ones teacher told me the native language form of their name and it is E-Takan-Tatanta ("Men Of Th Woodlands And Spirit Realms"). I will use both names here.

These are all witnessed tendencies and behaviours of the E-Takan-Tatanta and Sasquatch. I hope it is enjoyable and educational.

 E-Takan-Tatanta and Sasquatch..........

- can exist in an electro-magnetic form which conforms to the shapes of their bodies. The interior of their bodies is translucent white on the edges and is otherwise transparent. The eyes are red. I saw them run at a high speed through the uneven terrain of a ditch.

- can maintain invisibility while still having conventional physical effects on the environment. Their footprints landed in the the grass though no body or foot could be seen. I witnessed similar speed to the above entry while they were in this state.

- the E-Takan-Tatanta and Sasquatch will will often help and heal humans when the sickness or injury is beyond our understanding.

- children will play music with humans (with sticks, sometimes stones) when children and parents are comfortable with the human

- their tree-stick structures are not only  symbolic, navigational, spiritual, literal, and artistic, but are used to harmonize ley lines (powerful electro-magnetic lines in the earth) 

- while in a telepathic state, including the state you might know as remote viewing,  electro-magnetic impressions of the viewer's head and face can be seen, perhaps flying through the air or perhaps stationary. The outlines of the face are green  and the interiors are transparent; the eyes are red.

- through the many dimensional portals used by the Sasquatch and the E-Takan-Tatanta, some older forms of hominids arrive. They may work directly with the Sasquatch and Ancient Ones, or in their spiritual and magical work. These beings may be as visceral as the imagination allows.

- can cause physical sensations without touching.

- Vile Ent

(originally published in Vile Views Facebook)

<![CDATA[To All My Relations : My Story Of Sasquatch]]>Wed, 03 Feb 2016 09:57:33 GMThttp://vile-views.com/crypto-views-blog/to-all-my-relations-my-story-of-sasquatch
After returning to Vancouver from the Ozarks in late October 2012, I decided to make an audio record of my anomalous experiences. I wanted to reach out to other Sasquatch Whisperers. Now I share it publicly and hope that it is informative and interesting.  It goes into detail about my relationship with the E-Takan-Tatanta ("Men Of The Woodlands and Spirit Realms"). They are also known as the Ancient Ones! These Hairy People are distinct from the perhaps more exposed Sasquatch People. They are lumped in together with other kinds of Sasquatch people, as we might the Irish and Scottish (wink!). My encounters were with these wonderful and peaceful tribes of Big Hairy Folk! More highly strange incidents occurred over the last 3 weeks of my stay, particularly. And yet the entire stay had been shocking, traumatic, beautiful, enlightening, lovely, warm, and educational. If you would like to know more please play the audio players below - in approximately 20 mins. length each.

- Graham MacSkimming, 2016
<![CDATA[A Flock Of Ghosts : short story by Graham MacSkimming]]>Mon, 01 Feb 2016 23:57:04 GMThttp://vile-views.com/crypto-views-blog/a-flock-of-ghosts-short-story-by-graham-macskimmingBased on true events, A Flock Of Ghosts is the precursor to MacSkimming's forthcoming book including the same characters as this story. On the subject of Sasquatch and similarly anomalous phenomena!   Enjoy!

​Please contact :
Vile@Vile-Views.com for further information!
 A Flock Of Ghosts

As the music faded, and lights were turned off one by one in the motel bar, Alexander Wood waited until every last guest and employee had driven away. Watching from the motel balcony, he grew impatient as people filtered out, first in pairs, then one at a time, until finally that last waitress.

The coast was clear. He had told the hypnotic Ayla what he’d be doing after she fell asleep – he told her over on the slight hill across the road from the motel, because their room was quite likely bugged. The entire shoreline of Rock Creek was, he believed, under constant video surveillance.

Last year, when he and his former lover Willow had discovered the tree structures and stick symbols beyond the tree line, men on two occasions parking their cars in line with them on the lengthy dirt road leading up to the best fishing spots on the lake. As the couple snapped photographs of the bewildering wooden monuments, their amazement seemed to somehow attract and manifest these men with a rather odd parking choice (the best parking was at the cement divider at the edge of the lake, the best place to cast). They got out of their cars with their rods and took the unnecessary hoof to the shoreline, Willow dismissing Alexander’s paranoia.

To the suspicious musician turned sleuth, however, his conviction was substantiated one day when he finally saw one of THEM – a hairy figure swimming across the lake – and a truck ambled up the shoreline toward him. The truck scared the hairy swimmer away, and this would simply have been consistent with his string of rotten luck in having his first sighting, but for what happened next.

As the truck inexplicably turned ‘round and went back the way it came, its work apparently done, Alexander suddenly felt a burning sensation. As if radiation had been shot into his body, a prickly, unnatural invasion commenced, irritating the space underneath his skin. Just as suddenly, Alexander’s thoughts declared their own campaign of extreme and dark depression, a massive mood swing unlike anything to which he was accustomed.

Alexander looked toward Willow, walking so far away from him at the very end of the shoreline, and thought, “Willow hates me. The Sasquatch hate me too. I should go home to Canada.” It was if someone else’s voice was speaking through his mind, the negative thoughts fuelled by this radioactive assault. Wood had no intention whatsoever to leave this Ozarks crockpot of mystery, nor Willow, and he knew it. The thoughts of leaving struck him instantly as not being his own – and neither did he relate to the depression. As far as he was concerned, he had just been assailed by mind control technology, what conspiracy theorists referred to as “electronic harassment.”

It was Willow who had identified that term, finding it as the subject of a Coast 2 Coast AM show. Despite the revelation of all he experienced in her Ozarks domain, Willow had ultimately disappeared from Alexander’s life. She had not even answered his cry for help when the attacks became ominous and threatening.

The psychic attacks began in earnest about three months after he had returned to Vancouver. One day he was confronted by the electro-magnetic impressions of the heads of six different beings, floating in the air, seemingly leering and hissing at him. As such, there was a combination of reptilian beings, “Grey” extra-terrestrials, and even creatures who looked like the movie-famous E.T. himself.

As the evil visitation progressed, the malign, ugly faces of the creatures, shimmering with a green and white luminescence and reddish-pink dots for eyes, became more and more substantial, almost physical. Alexander could increasingly perceive the dinosaur features of the reptilian’s faces, as they floated about his living room almost gleefully. He became afraid that they would eventually manifest physically, perhaps to end his life. The pain and uneasiness that they inflicted became unbearable, Alexander lowering himself rapidly down to the kitchen floor.

After several minutes with his face to the floor, the Rocker’s inner resilience returned and he raised himself to his feet. He was to survive this major assault, the foolish demons fading away to consider new strategies. Thus the psychic attacks continued, and though Wood most certainly gave his assailants Hell, the immoveable predicament seemed a poor way of life. And this was why, six months later, he waited in the motel in the remote Ozarks village of Stone Cliff, almost next door to where it had all started - the little bungalow where he stayed for two months with long lost Willow, now moved on to a small town in Illinois.

The massive, hairy men known to most as “Bigfoot” or ”Sasquatch” were the only ones who could help Alexander now. His first sighting was simply of an adolescent, as tall as the six foot three inch Alexander, caught unawares by the investigator’s habit of waiting for them to swim to his side of the lake. The black, chiseled, muscular figure stood motionless in the last shallows of the lake. A yard light from one of the mountain houses across the lake illuminated his impressive form in the dark of the night.

A local redneck driving an RV suddenly appeared and Alexander and Willow bid him good evening. The completely black, athletic figure had typically disappeared, swimming back toward the other side of the lake. Alexander had heard him and another swimmer, the pair about a few hundred feet apart, and was not surprised he had finally achieved his first Sasquatch sighting. The second swimmer had also turned back toward the opposite shore. This interrupted sighting was unsatisfactory, so Alexander ran to the edge of the water to get a better look. As he kneeled forward and strained to see anything at all, he heard a loud “clump!” in the sand, ten feet to his right. A large rock had been thrown and landed exactly in line with him, though thankfully ten feet away. That rock sounded heavy!

Willow did you do that?” He couldn’t think of any other explanation.
What?” She sounded bewildered.
Did you throw a rock in this direction?”
No.” Of course she hadn’t. She was standing not far from the spot from where the rock was likely thrown, but remained unmolested. He was then certain of who was behind the rock-launching scenario, and quickly stood up and spread his open palms away from his body, declaring his regrets. “I’m sorry, sorry,” he projected across the expanse of lake and shore. Alexander felt ashamed. He had frightened the big hairy people enough to provoke them into rock-throwing, opening the possibility that they might not trust him again. At least now he knew, without doubt, that they were real.

With this dubious beginning to his relationship with the Hairy People, Alexander, throughout a two month period, improved his etiquette quite nicely. He went from this rock bottom, to instead receiving recognition from the Hairy Ones with a rock – stone-clacking was a way to announce one’s presence in their culture. Over the coming weeks, this led to drumming with sticks and stones every day with one of their children; to catching one spying on him while he filmed U.F.O.s; to having meetings with the Big Hairy Men in the dead of night.

It was one such meeting which was his top secret mission tonight, telepathically arranged and known of only by Ayla. Alexander left the motel balcony, walked through their room past the sleeping Ayla, went out the door and rounded the corner away from the motel. He crossed a minor road and walked past the neighbourhood Baptist church, a flat-roofed rectangular building that looked more like an oversized trailer than a church. It was here that the Hairy Man he nicknamed Samuel had peeped over a guard rail to observe Alexander filming U.F.O.s. One was stationary, one was throwing itself wildly at the other but never hitting it.

The tall, long-haired Canadian continued across another minor road and past the bungalow he had shared with Willow. Now on the main road, he crossed, walking by the old house where a reported sighting had occurred in 1977. Alexander had no idea who owned the next property, but he knew the story of its front patch of trees well.

It was here that the men who called themselves E-Takan-Tatanta gathered every night to work their magic and pray to the Creator. This name was telepathed to Alexander by his shamanic teacher Ekata'a, and meant “Men of the Woodlands and Spirit Realms.” Therefore, Alexander called this wooded patch on a relatively large property “Shaman’s Grove.” From here, each night, could be heard the calming yet pervasive “Whooo’s” emanating from the Hairy Folk. Alexander had first thought it was a night bird, an evening dove of some kind; then an owl. As it turned out, though the E-Takan-Tatanta speak a language like our own, they rarely speak vocally – but often vocalize in this melodious, emotive manner.

Now facing Shaman’s Grove, Wood stepped down the incline that was the ditch off the road. Entering the tree line, he was not surprised by the additional two-foot drop into the trees. Last summer, he had walked straight up to the area and the giant men to make an apology and resolve a misunderstanding. Their shining eyes averted his in the dark, at the same height as his own. Because he was, at the time, propped up two feet on the incline of the ditch, Wood had assumed they must be eight feet tall, adding two feet to his six. When returning to the spot during the day at a later date, he had discovered the two foot drop at the tree line. This added two feet to the previous estimate of eight feet, making the Hairy Men a full ten feet! Even today Alexander had a hard time conceiving of a man-like being of such a towering height.

Now inside the trees, Alexander looked for signs of the Wild Men’s tree arrangements and soon found them. Three thirty foot trees had been leaned up against each other, forming a pyramidal structure. Beside them, a similarly-sized tree had been broken and wedged horizontally in the crook of another’s branch. It was placed at the perhaps not-so-tall man’s height, so he supported himself on it with his right arm and waited.

Soon enough a large electro-magnetic face appeared; this being Ekata'a, psychically tuning into the scene. Prolonged exposure to the extreme electro-magnetism of the mountainous area – which was crossed by two ley lines miles wide, had resulted in Alexander’s ability to perceive such phenomena. It seemed that both the mental and energetic power of the E-Takan-Tatanta and the various E.T. species was so great that their telepathic activity left electro-magnetic impressions of their heads.

And so Ekata'a’s head, outlined in electric green and inlined with fading white translucence, waited for Alexander to communicate. It appeared to him to be about three feet in height; the larger size indicating intense concentration. The head’s red eyes stared at him and Alexander felt at home once again, in this place he called “the craziest place I’ve ever been.”

Meanwhile Wood had noticed what appeared to be a Hairy Man moving cautiously from tree to tree, a long black arm hanging down beside a tree as he moved in absolute silence. Alexander employed his usual technique and ignored the bizarre incursion. “Ekata'a, what do I do?” he asked telepathically.

Our friend is ensuring that all is well, do as I ask and then we may begin.”

Alexander took this to mean that soon the spiritual men of the woodlands would be taking him with them for the medicine he so badly needed. He got on one knee, lifted his right arm upward, and averted his eyes, cocking his head to the left. He had learned the importance of not looking at the Hairy People in the eyes – an act which an old Indian had told him could bring about the end of his life.

Thus averting his eyes and practicing proper etiquette, Alexander waited in this position for the next instructions. “Move forward four steps,” Ekata'a commanded. The expectant human did so, reassuming the pose he had struck previously. Waiting as such for a few moments, Alexander was then asked to “take four steps to your left.” Then, “Go back four steps.”

Finally, he was asked to traverse to his right, arriving at the three-tree pyramid. “Please stand,” said Ekata'a. Alexander stood by the trees the giant men had lifted like twigs. He propped up his right arm along the horizontal one.

As if satisfied, there was a fractured second where all was silence; and then suddenly it was broken by the beating of powerful wings and the agitated calls of a mysterious flock of birds. They sounded somewhat like swallows or loons. They seemed to flap away in the otherworldly Ozarks moonlight. Alexander never believed the birds were actually there, nor did he see them with his own eyes. They were somehow vessels for the E-Takan-Tatanta; but exactly how, was something Wood puzzled over to this day.

Never missing a beat, the Hairy Men stepped forward. ONE, TWO, came down the sledgehammer-like steps of a big man just twenty feet in front of him. Alexander’s mind immediately went wild : he knew it was a Hairy Man, but now the part of his brain that sought to level all to a conventional playing field took over. It was the owner of the property and now he was in trouble. It was a good-sized mammal (with two legs) and now he was going to be eaten. They were evil aliens who had come to kill him.

Hell-ooo,” quipped Alexander, perhaps to eliminate the first possibility. No reply was made, and he knew it was the Hairy Men. He was disappointed that they chose not to reply, though he understood it was best not to attract attention. Although a state of loneliness and alienation began to surround him, Wood simply dismissed it as a distraction. He was now the lone human surrounded by what appeared to be a group of approximately seven Hairy Men. They lurked behind trees and went from one to another as they are wont to do, and Alexander walked into the pyramid.

To calm his nerves and ensure spiritual protection lest he was mistaken regarding the identity of these massive men, Wood chanted the Hare Krishna mantra. “Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Rama, Hare Hare.” Alexander had also wanted to pray with the giant shamans in Shaman’s Grove, and this was his chance. He swayed to the rhythm of his chanting, this swaying matching the manner of the Sasquatch people. Ending his solo chant, he once again dropped to one knee, offered his outstretched hand, and looked away at the ground.

As he kneeled, the tell-tale signs of the Big Men’s presence seemed to erupt all around him. A figure rounding a tree here, a stick snapping under large feet there, they seemed to tag team each other, one moving closer, then the next. The sensation of being surrounded and crept in on was only somewhat bearable. Was it not for his love for the E-Takan-Tatanta, and his confidence that they were there to heal him from the psychic attacks, Alexander would have nervously and carefully walked away from this scene. Everything had become a hallucinatory blend of gothic forest imagery, interdimensional instability, and unbelievable sights. All was enshrouded by the mysterious moss-covered, mystically-constructed Ozarks trees, the living darkness, and the strains of white moon rays, suggesting a long skeletal arm gesturing to the incredible scene below.

Wood saw in front of him something snaking very quickly through the tall grass, looking like footprints lowering down to the ground to flatten the grass. No one was there to make these footprints, however, and nothing was in the grass. As they moved toward him, Alexander felt what was like a physical blow of drowsiness, and knew then that he would not be running through the woods with the Big Fellows, but would be a sleeping guest. Their plan was to carry him unconscious to the cave where they did their healing, with Tatalanton the medicine man, Antantanee the medicine woman, Aisha the medical assistant, and the rest of their very supportive community. Wood, however, was disappointed they did not want him to travel consciously with them. There was much which had yet to be revealed.

The invisible footsteps in the grass were rushing right up to Alexander with incredible speed, and it became too much, so he turned his back and ran forward a couple of steps. The unseen being now beside him, it slithered its feet through the tall grass with this inconceivable speed, seemingly wanting to ensure that he didn’t fall, as Alexander stumbled about haphazardly. His plan was now to lower himself down into a sitting position, as the shot of sleep overtook, with his back to the encroaching Hairy Men.

Almost like prey with no escape to be had, he sat down on his rump, clasped his hands over his knees, and lowered his head. The sleep spell was still working on him, and though he managed to stay in this position for a minute, he soon had to lay flat on his front in a sleeping position. This signaled the remaining six giant shamans to begin moving forward. Again it was a stick snap here and a footstep there, belying the circular formation around the man. It was such a gradual and yet inevitable process, both cautious and entirely focused on the subject – Alexander.

The sleep spell was not working, Alexander’s notorious insomnia kicking away the powerful mental abilities of the Hairy Men. He began to have an unwelcome sense of being committed to a vital act, but suffering potential failure with thoughts of being anywhere but here, doing anything else but this. Thoughts of being back at the motel with Ayla became a stark temptation – to be somewhere he was used to, unlike this ordeal, an environment he could control.

Finally, Alexander got up and ran a few steps. He was out of range of where he had lain on the ground, his face kissing the soil. He stumbled over to some bushes and reached his hand through them. Surely they would realize, he thought, that this position was easier for him. But as he looked around, Wood discovered he was in the ditch on the side of the road. And that it was dawn, and that the Hairy Men were gone. His mission of healing had failed.

He returned to Ayla and cried to her that his mission had failed, struggling for insight as to why this had happened. After there had been time for the distraught man to relax, Ekata'a telepathed to him, “Do not be ashamed, be proud. I am proud of you. In case you hadn’t noticed, we usually keep a certain distance between ourselves and your people. If I had seven humans surrounding me, I would have ran away long before you did. It is natural to do so. You are brave.”

Alexander told Ayla the healing words from the Ancient Wizard of the Mountains. Alexander had felt like a failure – but now he saw the dilemma more clearly, and could avail himself effectively of Ayla’s undying support. Ekata'a had also revealed what would be required for a successful rendezvous in the future – Alexander would have to be weaned off the antidepressant he took, Parnate. The insomnia it caused not only kyboshed the mission, it had almost done the same to his very life for several years.

The dawn brought on dizzying sunlight to not just a man exhausted, but a man who had seen what lies on the other side. Enjoying the healing power of sleep, the wayward shaman would have to look forward to a successful mission in the near future.


Copyright © 2015 Graham MacSkimming. All Rights Reserved.

<![CDATA[WHAT IS QUANTUM COMMUNICATION?]]>Mon, 01 Feb 2016 10:49:56 GMThttp://vile-views.com/crypto-views-blog/what-is-quantum-communication“Quantum Communication” is a term that, to me, defines the nature of telepathic, psychic, or “Extra-Sensory” communication. This is because I believe telepathy can be explained by the young branch of Physics known as Quantum Mechanics. It appears to this amateur that the Non-Local Reality theory of Niels Bohr and the Inequality theory of John S. Bell, though disputed, identify the essential process at work in telepathy, and the incredible ability of Hairy People and Star People to make themselves invisible, and “cloaked” as delineated at the 4th bullet point in the 2nd bulleted list @


The phenomenon of invisibility and cloaking I call in this context “Quantum Mobility.” It means, “Freedom of movement through dimensional boundaries.”

The Non-Local Reality theory of Niels Bohr


The Inequality theory of John S. Bell


Quantum Physics often deals with electricity, electro-magnetism, radiation, or electrons, photons, and protons. It also deals with the atom, the building block of the physical world. The brain also deals with electricity, and the same elements – in fact when the synapses of the brain send a command to another part of the brain, they employ an electrical charge which “fires” commands throughout the brain.

If a thought or command in a brain requires any number of electrical charges, and the Non-Local Reality theory of Niels Bohr is sufficiently proven by the Inequality theory of John S.  Bell, then that thought or command can be transferred from one brain to another, perhaps at will. This is because the above theories support the capability of electrons to act “non-locally,” or outside the previously-accepted laws of Physics, and travel beyond the speed of light. Therefore, your thought has traveled from your mind to my mind, unrestricted by accepted laws of time and space – as an electron might originate in one locality but materialize millions of miles away in an instant. Sounds like a better wireless deal to me. Similarly, the works of Nikolai Tesla relate directly to this subject. Yes, Tesla, the master of Electro-Magnetics!

So to paraphrase Neil Armstrong, this is one small step for Man, one Quantum leap for Mankind.


- Vile Ent, 2014

(article appeared initially on Vile Ent's Facebook)